You can let me do the writing for you. You can let me do the structural and copy editing of your writing. Or you and I can do collaborative writing with Nicolas Di Tempora and work together as co-writers on your projects. My clients have found the collaborative writing approach incredibly helpful (and even inspiring) for getting the work done on message, on time and on budget. Of course, a lot depends on the collaborator to make all of that happen.

As a professional structural+copy editor, copywriter and qualified educator, I bring the 4Cs into every working relationship — Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Constructive Collaboration and Refreshing Creativity — throughout our journey from communication strategy to content creation to project completion. All my clients love the collaborative writing approach for two reasons: it is a remarkably effective way to produce quality content and it is a very enjoyable way of working with an editor/copywriter.

Call me and let’s discuss your next project together:

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As your editor, writer or co-writer, my mission statement is the same: to make your communications a great read. It all starts with clear, precise and insightful thinking and ends as clear, concise and compelling writing.
From big picture edit (structural editing) to the sentence-by-sentence edit (copy editing) you can be sure the finished product sings. See this page for some quick examples of before and after extracts from client writings.
As a professional copywriter with a long track record, my writing can be edited down to four captivating words: story, meaning, value, conversion. Whether it’s selling or telling, this writer gets you quality results.
Let’s co-write your projects together. This way, we save a whole lot of time, guess work and money. This is a very popular option because it involves you from conception to completion to cost-effective outcomes.