Let’s co-write your projects together and save a whole lot of time, guess work and money.

Clients love this way of working. I love this way of working too. Together we co-think and co-write throughout the whole content production process. Every step of the way, I can be sure that you are sure what we’re producing is quality work, and the project is on track and on time all the way.

In short, it’s a constructive collaboration from first thought to final full stop.


How does this work?

We meet via video conference on Google Hangouts and co-write with Google Docs. All you need is good internet access and Google is more user-friendly if you have a Gmail account (but it’s not necessary). Once you get the hang of the Google Hangouts environment, you too will be thrilled by how efficient, economical and enjoyable our co-writing partnership is.


Your co-writer is a true professional.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any writing skills. You will be working with a professional copywriter and editor in one. My claim to fame is the knack for turning another person’s story into a clear, concise and compelling read. To reference Leonard Cohen’s Tower of Song, my gift is to make your voice golden.

Chances are, you will also develop some writerly skills of your own along the way. That’s because I’m a qualified teacher (Media & Communications, RMIT University) who teaches what he practices and practises what he teaches: quality content that sings.

Also, you are working with someone with a teacherly attitude that has your best interests at heart.

Call me and let’s co-write.

Nicolas Di Tempora

Call me and let’s discuss your next project together:

0425  771  695